Sunday, July 23, 2023

The Cocoa Kids Collection®, Second Edition is Here!

Valerie's Vignettes has been quiet for some time. Now, I'm happy to share why. We've been developing what I'm happy to announce --There's a new book in the Cocoa Kids Collection®

Celebrating the series' 10th anniversary, the new title is a reimagining of the title that started the series, Isaiah and the Chocolate Mountain.

The story remains the same: When Isaiah gets the one thing he hates - chocolate - for his birthday, anger leads to adventure and a lesson in emotional intelligence.

New to this second edition story, dyslexic readers will enjoy new story features intended to make reading easier, including dyslexia-friendly fonts and sentence word lengths.

The new edition was made possible with the support of our donors, listed below.

So, please, check it out as well as the fresh new look of the Cocoa Kids Collection® websiteLike the new, second edition book, it's cleaned up and scrubbed down for easy reading. 

Happy reading, 

Dr. Valerie Williams-Sanchez, 

Valorena Publishing

Sending thanks to the new edition donor

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