Saturday, March 12, 2022

Rememory: A Special Interest Group from Cultural Literacy Everywhere

    Join The Dwelling Symposium hosted by Cultural Literacy Everywhere and University College Dublin to be part of the Rememory Collective, an exploration of memoir as a cultural experience. 

    The process of developing cultural literacy is analogous to literacy development. This includes developing vocabulary and background knowledge to be utilized during the reading process. Likewise, when building culture literacy, the stories, narratives, social codes, and collective memories of a culture must be absorbed and stored in order to process cultural experiences. The development of both processes starts early. From childhood, our cultural experiences are recorded through our memories and ordered through our language and lived experiences.
    For this Special Interest Group (SIG), we will explore rememories, the identified and named cultural histories, stories, and experiences, that lay beneath the surface of our cultural experience. Surfaced through memoirs, themes old and new will be revisited and made fresh through our ruminations and exploration of select personal moments viewed through the lens of our earliest scribbles and childhood memories through the photographs and poetry of our collective twilight and tomorrows. 
    Click the image below to learn about Cultural Literacy Everywhere (CLE), the association. 

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