Friday, January 26, 2024

Valorena Publishing Goes Silver and Announces Its Inaugural Scholarship in Time for MCBD 2024

Multicultural Children's Book Day (MCBD) stands as a vibrant celebration dedicated to promoting diversity in children's literature, fostering cultural understanding, and encouraging young minds to explore the richness of various backgrounds through the power of storytelling. In this spirit, Valorena Publishing proudly embraces its Silver Sponsorship of MCBD, marking a decade of unwavering commitment to advancing literacy and inclusivity.

Valorena Publishing has been at the forefront of championing diverse voices and perspectives in children's literature for 10 years. Our enduring dedication has significantly contributed to creating a more inclusive literary landscape, where young readers can discover stories that reflect their own experiences and those of others. 

Doubling-down on our commitment to diversity in publishing and picture books, Valorena Publishing has this year launched the Valorena Publishing & Cocoa Kids Collection Books Scholarship and Awards event. This initiative exemplifies the company's passion fro nurturing future authors, illustrators and literary talents from diverse backgrounds. The scholarship and awards program aims to provide support and recognition to aspiring creators who bring unique perspectives to the world of children's literature. 

As a Silver sponsor of the MCBD and the driving force behind the Valorena Publishing & Cocoa Kids Collection Scholarship and Awards, Valorena Publishing continues to make a lasting impact on the world of literacy development and the literary landscape, ensuring that every child can find stories that resonate with their own cultural identity and broaden their understanding of the world. 

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