Sunday, January 28, 2024

Dive into Diversity: Exploring 2024's Multicultural Children's Book Day Gems (Part 2)

Embark on a literary adventure with our spotlight on the 2024 Multicultural Children's Book Day. Explore three captivating gems: "Please Don't Give Me A Hug!" by Judi Moreillon, navigating the delicate balance of consent; Deedee Cummings' whimsical odyssey "In the Nick of Time Too," weaving themes of friendship and empathy; and Dr. Tee-Tee's "Together til' the End: Ife's Incredible Friends," a tale of enduring companionship.

These reviews are your passport to a vibrant literary landscape where multicultural voices resonate, and where unity is fostered among young readers. Join us on this journey through diverse narratives, contributing to the tapestry of children's literature. Enjoy and #Read your world!


"In the Nick of Time,Too"

by Deedee Cummings
Illustrated by Charlene Mosley
Publisher: Make A Way Media, LLC Published: 2022
ISBN of 978-1-95-1218-33-1 Pages:40

This heartwarming holiday yarn centers around the endearing characters of Nick Saint and his steadfast friend, Cooper. This sweet narrative delves into the wonder of Christmas, revealing a surprise visit that evolves into a journey of self-discovery and an experience that reveals the true essence of the holiday spirit.

Breaking away from the typical Christmas story, Cummings crafts a narrative brimming with festive charm, imparting a compelling message of kindness and hope. Nick and Cooper embark on a mission to spread these virtues in their daily lives, providing readers with a poignant reflection on the significance of these values during the holiday season and beyond.

In this way, the book appeals and resonance with children of all ages and backgrounds. Through the relatable characters of Nick and Cooper, readers are encouraged to embrace the challenge to spread love, hope, and kindness. More than an entertaining read, the story is a call to action, motivating young minds to make a positive impact in their communities.

Important to MCBD, "In the Nick of Time Too" beautifully captures the diversity of love and kindness, underscoring that these virtues come in various forms and colors. With a timeless message that extends beyond the festive season, the book leaves readers with a heartwarming sense of joy and a renewed understanding of the universal values that bind us all. This holiday tale, adorned with acts of kindness and compassion, is destined to become a cherished favorite, inviting families to revel in the magic of Christmas.

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