Tuesday, September 10, 2013

A Fish Tale

UPDATED for FIGMENT NYC 2014 at Governor's Island, New York

There’s more than one way to tell a tale. This, latest vignette, is an interactive, multi-faceted and multi-media journey that involves a fish, one brave koi fish in particular: “Valory” the Koi of Courage.

  Ahead of final treatments on my breast cancer journey, I chose to give power to my creativity – instead of giving over to anxiety and fear -- to build courage, power and community, and to manifest another sort of tale. This one, I hope will start a conversation of empowerment. Won’t you join in?

Share your story of valor and courage (of any length) here on my blog, and a scale for your entry will be added to Valory’s journey into being, that was first part of the exhibit for Figment Philadelphia 2013, and on Saturday, June 7th will again be part of the Figment Movement. 

To learn more about Figment log on to:http://figmentproject.org/about/why-figment/


A Journey and a Challenge

"Valory" the Model

In Japanese legend, a koi that succeeded in climbing the Yellow River, past the falls at Dragon Gate, would be transformed into a dragon. Similarly, “Valory, the Koi of Courage”invites you to be part of its journey to come into being, asking you to remember a challenge you have overcome and lending the fish a bit of your power.
This Figment Philadelphia 2013 art installation calls on the power of our collective consciousness to help Valory come into being, to become a symbol of transcendence, strength, unity and peace.

Tell Your Story, Lend Your Power

Can you recall a transformative life challenge, one which gave you a sense of power when it was overcome? Share your power by indicating that challenge in writing on a paper fish scale of courage.
Write a keyword, date, name or even a descriptive sentence or phrase. The colors of writing ink and scale should be chosen to reflect your family identity and type of challenge, respectively. Then, add your personal “scale of courage” on the fish body.
The fish’s nose faces the sky, indicating its upward journey. Once complete and the body has been covered with scales, the challenge will have been met. When Valory’s nose swims toward the opposite direction, it means that the journey is complete.

Who Are You? And How Have You Been Challenged?

Choose an ink:      Choose a Challenge Scale:
 Fathers~Black       Asagi~Education, knowledge~Blue, orange
 Mothers~Red        Ogon~Economic, financial~Gold, orange
 Sons~Blue            Bekko~Health, physical~White, yellow, red

  Daughters~Pink    Kohaku~Love, relationship~Red, white

Fish in the World

In Japan, the fish has become a symbol of worldly aspiration and advancement. Moreover, in world cultures and religions, the fish has symbolic meaning and is a timeless icon:

· African Myths ~ fertility and creativity, embodying a new phase of life
· Buddhism ~ happiness and freedom
· Celtic Culture ~ knowledge, wisdom, inspiration and prophecy
· China ~ unity and fidelity
· Christianity ~ abundance and faith
· Eastern Indian Mythology ~ transformation and creation
· Greco-Roman Mythology ~ change and transformation
· Norse and European Cultures ~ adaptability, determination & life
· Pagan Traditions ~ femininity, fertility and an attribute of the Goddess


Whoever you are, whatever your tale, your tail of courage is welcome!

The Tale Grows!

© 2014 Valerie Williams-Sanchez. All rights reserved.


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